Program Dates

Who? Students completing 7th-8th grades

What? Academic summer camp for residential and commuter students

Where? UW-Madison

When? July 13-26, 2014

Why? Challenging curriculum, high rigor, educational enrichment, head start on high school and beyond

Financial Aid Deadline? April 14, 2014

Application Deadline? April 28, 2014

The Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP) gives an opportunity for students, who are finishing grades 7-8, to spend two weeks on a college campus studying one accelerated course. STEP is designed to engage, intellectually challenge, and inspire. It offers a learning atmosphere that nurtures students’ talents and abilities, enriches social life, and encourages creativity. writingWCATY strives to balance the academic and recreational sides of camp. This program is for those who are ready for above grade level challenge and are serious about having fun in and outside of the classroom with peers who share similar aspirations and interests.


"One thing about WCATY that stands out to me, is that this is the one time ALL year, where these truly gifted kids get to be around other truly gifted kids and do work and enrichment activities that are made for them. They’re not sent to help someone else, or pushed aside, or given extra work. The curriculum is designed for them." - STEP Instructor

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